We acknowledge the responsibility that the business sector carries in general. And we try to encourage a positive impact through our activities on the environment, on consumers, employees, communities and society as a whole. We participate in charity events that are in accordance with the corporate social responsibility principles of our company, these are: food safety, environment, development of rural infrastructure, health and promotion of healthy life style. Our business is extremely community- oriented. We are happy to offer a helping hand to community service projects, exhibits, concerts, and other social activities, which, are key to creating a sustainable, productive, and promising society.
Our activities include but are not limited to:


  • Sponsoring annual breast cancer prevention campaign “Marathon for Life”, organized by Hera and the National Screening Centre of Georgia. (2010/11/12/13)
  • In 2010 we participated in the project carried out by the department of Food Safety, Ministry of Agriculture, where we supplied our products to the orphanages.
  • In December 2012 we sponsored the annual charity event: Christmas Bazaar organized by IWAG, which supports women, children and elderly people at risk due to poverty, poor health or disability all over Georgia.
  • In February 2013 we sponsored mountain hikers who organized the campaign and brought the message “Leukemia is Curable – Donate blood, Save Life” and “Save Dito Tsintsadze”  to the mountain top.
  • In 2013 we donated our teas for the Iashvili Medical Center, where children with leukemia are being treated.
  • We donate our teas to the Association of Blind People in Georgia.
  • On a regular basis we support various educational projects carried out in different Universities throughout Georgia, like debate week, theatre week, various seminars and workshops.
  • We support social projects
  • We are friends with theatre and support the annual Tbilisi International Theatre Festival, as well as various Theatres.
  • We try to support more and more exhibitions, concerts, cultural events, because together with our customers we want to take part in to the social wealth creation.