gurieli classic


Made of the best tea leaves from the plantations of selected species grown in the highlands of the South Caucasian Mountains. Gurieli Export green tea leaves are gathered in the morning, when their technological and biochemical potential is at the peak. They are processed according to the thermal fixation method, which helps keep all the healthy substances in the final product.


Subtropical climate of the mountainous area in Guria region, clean water and the ecologically pure soil, enriched with organic elements, determine exquisite taste and distinguished classical aroma of our green tea.


Gurieli Classic – Green tea is superior, it has a pleasing light green appearance, is a refreshing drink that has natural taste and a well-balanced astringency.In order to fully preserve the biologically valuable substances found in the green tea leaves, they undergo thermal steam fixation, as a result the tea carries numerous health benefits.


It is noteworthy that the tea grown in Georgia has a relatively high catechin content, antioxidants that fight and prevent cell damage, the green tea is known lower risk of development of cancer cells, it improves blood flow, boosts metabolism and lowers cholesterol. Theanine, natural chemical found in green tea provides calming, anti-anxiety effect. Green tea helps prevent a range of heart-related issues like high blood pressure or congestive heart failure and improves brain function.

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