gurieli classic

green with jasmine

The green tea and jasmine flower are known to be mixed for the first time 200 B.C. during the reign of the Han Dynasty in China. The unknown plant brought from Persia added special flavor and a totally new taste to the drink. It has become a customary beverage and is highly popular across the world. 

 We use traditional recipe when mixing the freshly-picked jasmine flowers, grown in the mountains of Racha with the special green tea leaves that fully absorb the fragrance and create Gurieli Classic - Green tea with Jasmine flavor wit longer-lasting, exquisite taste and aroma.
The tea is rich in amino acids and catechins, it helps suppress cortisol, reduces stress and carries all health benefits associated with the green tea. The taste is smooth and delicate, refreshing and soothing aroma of this tea leaves distinctive aftertaste and helps relax your body and mind.

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