prince gurieli

Traditional Green

Prince Gurieli green tea is an exclusive product of highest quality. The tea leaves are hand-picked in the morning hours when their technological and biochemical potential are at its peak. The plantations, where the tea bushes are grown through selective breeding, are situated in the mountainous region of Western Georgia 400 meters above sea level.
The strong contrast between day and nighttime temperatures during the period when the tea shoots start to appear, produces aromatic substances in the delicate sprouts of the plant creating a complex bouquet of aroma, well-balanced astringency and special taste unique to Georgian green tea.
Prince Gurieli green tea leaves are well-stranded. The fragrance is gentle, classic, often associated with that of the cooked pumpkin, chicken broth and even fish flavors. The drink has special taste and lively color, having all the healing and natural properties that the green tea has to offer.

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