prince gurieli

Traditional Black

Premium quality Prince Gurieli black tea is ecologically pure, fresh tea with rich fragrance and subtle taste. Made from the first flush of gentle tea sprouts gathered by hand, in the morning hours, from the plantations grown at the height of 400 meters above sea level, when the technological and biochemical potential of the leaves reaches its maximum and its humidity is more than 76%.

The harvested tea leaves for Prince Gurieli are processed according to the classic method and go through all the stages of withering, torsion, fermentation, drying up and sorting in the environment where all processes as well as air temperature and relative humidity parameters and regulations are specially derived by our company specialists.
Black-brownish, well-stranded tea leaves of Prince Gurieli have refined, soft taste, well-balanced astringency and sweetness. The drink is pure, has intense color with floral, full bouquet flavor. 

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100 g.


25 pieces (50 g.)


20 pieces (40 g.)